Room & Linen Mist

$ 5.00

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Give your room a burst of freshness with just a couple sprays of our Room + Linen Mist! When you just need a quick burst of scent, these highly scented odor eliminating room sprays are the perfect item.  Perfect for cars, closets, laundry rooms, dorm rooms, bath rooms or anywhere else that you want to freshen the air. 

Our 4 ounce natural and safe for the home and environment room & linen sprays are hand-mixed and filled in Columbia City, Indiana. We use simple ingredients only and given the natural element we do not add in emulsifiers in our product so make sure to always shake well before each use!

If using on linen, make sure to spray at a distance of 18 inches minimum to prevent any fragrance oil stains. We always recommended to do a patch test first on fine fabrics. 

  • SHELF LIFE: 3 years.

    View our fragrance scent list descriptions for further details on each scent.