Scent List

101 West Wholesale Candles

We hand select and custom blend each of our fragrance oils used in our products to deliver you the best quality home scented candles, room sprays, smelly jellies and wax melts. 

Baked Apple Pie - Delicious Apple with Rich Butter Cream and Cinnamon. This country classic of scrumptious freshly picked orchard apples is blended with the warm spices of cinnamon, nutmeg and clove.

Caramel Latte - Nothing, but nothing smells better than the rich scent of caramel and coffee combined. Even the non-coffee drinkers will not be able to resist this one. 

Caramelized Pralines - Irresistible homemade baked blend of warm vanilla caramel with dark brown sugar & butter drenched pecans.

Christmas Splendor – Our most popular and beloved holiday scent. Holiday cinnamon, fruit and spice with a twist of everything nice to round out this delicious holiday favorite. 

Clean Cotton - Wrap yourself in the nostalgic aroma of clean sheets that were line-dried on a breezy day. Clean Cotton creates a lovely ambiance that will freshen any space.

Coffee Bean – This could be the best part of waking up. Smells so strong who needs to drink coffee?

Farmer’s Market – Our team’s newest favorite! Combinations of the uplifting aromas of late summer peaches, sweet strawberries and crisp red apples with just the right amount of spices.

Gourmet Sugar Cookie - A very rich full-bodied cookie dough blend of vanilla, butter and brown sugar.

Grandma’s Kitchen – A crisp warm blend of apple cinnamon and spice, just like grandma's kitchen. This one will take you back in time.

Homestead Harvest – A hint of citrus leads to the spicy heart of this harvest blend. Warm tones of cinnamon and clove balance with a crisp green apple accord to create autumn bliss. Leafy accents add texture to the scent, as rich woody undertones support the spiced fruit signature. Finishing touches of vanilla and sweet musk complete the blend.

Iced Cinnamon Roll – So sweet and sinfully delicious. There are no words to describe all the scents that come out when this is burning. Iced frosting and gooey cinnamon roll scent galore.  A must try.

Lavender Vanilla - A great combination of fragrant Lavender and sweet creamy Vanilla. 

Lemongrass – Sweet grass with a hint of lemon. Such a fresh, crisp and clean scent.

Mulled Cider - Warm and comforting, our Mulled Cider fragrance puts a twist on the classic fall and winter scents. This highly scented fragrance begins with orange peel, nutmeg, and clove notes blended perfectly with rich nutty undertones of vanilla and caramel.

Pearberry – Crisp pear with fresh berries.

Pumpkin Spice – This spicy pumpkin aroma has more of a kick than plain pumpkin.

Red Hot Cinnamon – This is a great Cinnamon aroma. Hot and spicy just like the candy. A classic that is a staple everywhere. 

Spiced Cranberry – This is one of our best year-round sellers. A great combination. Luscious blend of tart cranberries, spiced apples & fresh California orange peel. Sure, to become one of your most favorites too.

Vanilla Smoothie – Simple and classic smooth and creamy vanilla.

Winterberry - This is our own unique blend of the cool crisp scent of peppermint and an assortment of sweet delicious berries.