Black + Tan Oval Stair Tread

$ 14.50

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ATTENTION: Must order minimum of 3 stair treads or order will be cancelled.

Oval braided jute stair treads are vibrant and durable in various designs and colors. Also work great as table runners! Dimensions are 8.25"x27". We recommend you use carpet tacks or double sided carpet tape when placing rugs on stairs, available at your local hardware store. Our beautiful braided jute stair treads adds just the right touch of country rustic farmhouse appeal to your home decor.

Jute Stair Treads have a multitude of functions and can be used for all residential and commercial interiors. Also accentuating any home decor and staircase. Stair Treads offer exceptional quality and help extend the life of your stairs due to everyday use, especially, if you have children or pets.

Earth Rugs Braided Stair Treads are made from 100% natural jute fiber one of the strongest fibers known to man! It was used on seagoing ships before the invention of steel cables. Jute fibers provide lasting beauty and strength woven into rugs and stair treads. Jute can last a lifetime in the home. Also withstanding commercial use. Jute has natural water repellent characteristics.

Jute is a reed that naturally grows in water. Water cannot damage a rug woven from jute fiber. A great characteristic allowing for easy maintenance. Making cleaning a breeze. Use water with a mild soap or carpet shampoo. Or commercially dry-clean. Cleaning enhances the beauty of these rugs. Vacuum normally. DO NOT machine wash. Most of all you can add a fresh new look to any staircase today with EARTH RUGS BRAIDED JUTE Stair Treads